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We provide the most popular spa & hot tub covers and many other custom shapes & sizes!

Hand-made Customized Spa Covers

Our Spa Covers are hand made and built to last using only the highest quality materials!

Spa Cover Pros has provided residential spa owners throughout North and South Orange County with lasting, American-made spa covers at affordable rates since 1988. With over 25 years of experience and tens of thousands of satisfied clients, the professionals of Spa Cover Pros can expertly customize a spa cover to provide optimal protection for your spa.

With our on-site custom measuring and pattern making services, we will build you a spa cover that perfectly fits your spa, matches your home's decor, and meets any security or comfort requirements. Whether you need a replacement spa cover, or would like a custom-designed hot tub cover for your new spa, we specialize in most spa and hot tub covers, including portable, walk-on, in-ground, and more. Our most popular custom spa covers are the "Deluxe", "Deluxe Plus", and the "Ultimate" spa covers. Each spa cover is handcrafted in Orange County using premium grade materials, and possesses sustainable, resourceful features unique to Spa Cover Pros.

In addition to customization, Spa Cover Pros offers quick delivery, expert installation, and old spa cover haul away services as needed. When you work with Spa Cover Pros, you receive the best value for lasting, attractive custom spa covers and exceptional customer service. Our custom spa covers are backed with three-year warranties protecting against defects in material or craftsmanship. Let Spa Cover Pros custom-design your ideal spa cover, call us today to schedule your measuring service in Orange County!

Custom Spa Covers by Spa Cover Pros:

Spa Cover Pros' "Deluxe" Cover - $599

An affordable, lightweight, and attractive spa cover that can be customized to fit any spa, whether in-ground or portable.

OC Custom-Manufactured & Affordable Spa Covers
  • Can Be Custom-Manufactured to Any Shape or Size
  • 4" VPB 3000 Vapor Proof Barrier-Treated Foam Core
  • 4 Tear-Free Padded Lifting Handles & 1 Reinforced Insulated Folding Hinge
  • 4 Locking Child-Safety Straps
  • 15+ Vinyl Color Options
  • Requires Virtually No Upkeep
  • Made with Mildew-Treated & UV Protected Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Resists Shrinkage, Tears, Fading & Sagging
  • 3-Year Written Warranty

Spa Cover Pros' "Deluxe Plus" Cover - $649

A great spa cover option for those seeking an economical, premium cover to preserve and upgrade their spa.

Modern Deluxe Plus Spa Covers
  • Custom-Measured and Handcrafted to Any Size or Shape
  • Denser 4" Foam Core for Higher Heat Retention
  • VPB 3000 Vapor Barrier Vacuum-Sealed into Foam Core
  • Hand-Stitched, UV-Protected Vinyl
  • Highly Resistant to Mildew, Shrinkage, Fading, or Sagging
  • 6 Extra-Strength Padded Lifting Handles; 1 Insulated Folding Hinge
  • 6 Child Safety-Straps with Locks
  • 16 Vinyl Color Options
  • 3-year Warranty Protecting Against Defects in Workmanship and/or Materials

Spa Cover Pros' "Ultimate" Cover - $699

A highly durable and dynamic 'walk-on' spa cover ideal for those with pets and small children; Provides the ultimate heat retention and security for your spa.

Low Maintenance Spa & Hot Tub Covers
  • Custom-Measured and Designed to Fit Any Spa
  • 8 Tear-Free Padded Lifting Handles & 1 Double Reinforced Folding Hinge
  • 6 Childproof Sure-Loc Safety Fasteners with Locks
  • "Heavy-Duty" Foam Core for Highest Heat & Weight Retention
  • VPB 3000 Vapor Barrier for Protection Against Water Damage
  • UV-Protected Handsewn Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Color Options: Over 15 Vinyl Colors
  • Low Maintenance; Highly Resistant to Mildew
  • Prevents Chlorine Damage, Shrinkage, Fading, or Tearing
  • 3-year Warranty Covering Defects in Workmanship and/or Materials
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  • Affordable, Attractive Spa Cover
  • Economical, Premium Cover
  • Highly Durable, Dynamic Spa Cover
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