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Custom Vinyl Colors by Spa Cover Pros

The expert staff of Spa Cover Pros has served thousands of satisfied spa owners throughout Orange County with beautiful, custom-colored spa covers since 1988. Our spa cover colors come in 16 long-lasting vinyl shades, and each is made locally in Orange County according to the color, size and shape desired.

Spa Cover Pros provides on-location pattern-making and measuring services to determine the desired placement, shape, size, type, and color of your ideal spa cover. Whereas purchasing a spa cover from online manufacturers entails quickly glancing at colors onscreen, our pattern-making services allow you select a spa cover color perfectly suited to your tastes by pairing vinyl spa cover color swatches to your home's surroundings.

With superior customer service, cost-competitive prices, and spa covers guaranteed to maintain like-new color, Spa Cover Pros assures a custom spa cover that satisfies your needs. All spa and hot tub covers come with a three-year comprehensive warranty protecting against fading, water damage, or chlorine discoloration. Call us to schedule your on-site spa and hot tub cover measuring service today!

Choose a Custom Spa Cover Color Below:

  • Beautiful Spa Covers Wildwood
  • Luxurious Hot Tub Covers Walnut
  • Incredible Spa Covers Cover Charcoal
  • Strong Spas Covers Sable
  • New Hot Tub Covers Rust
  • Premium Spa Covers Teal
  • Inflatable Hot Tub Covers Forest Green
  • Nice Spa Covers Navy Blue
  • Custom Color Spa Cover Tropical Blue
  • Popular Spa Covers Almond
  • Soft Hot Tub Cover Cranberry
  • Stylish Spa Covers Lite Gray
  • Spa Cover Replacement Adobe
  • Affordable, Attractive Spa Cover
  • Economical, Premium Cover
  • Highly Durable, Dynamic Spa Cover

We provide the most popular spa & hot tub covers and many other custom shapes & sizes!

Hand-made Customized Spa Covers

Our Spa Covers are hand made and built to last using only the highest quality materials!

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